The Scottish Islands

Spectacular birding plus whales and dolphins!

Islay and Speyside

28 Mar – 7 Apr 2018
£1,795 pp based on two sharing (£200 single supp in ensuite rooms)

“Islay is the jewel of the Hebrides and at this time of year is alive to the sound of geese. Standing on the shore watching thousands of Barnacle Geese coming overhead is simply magical. Islay is also rightly famous for its whisky. What a winning combination!” Duncan Macdonald, guide

The ultimate winter wildlife combination – the best of Speyside, plus the ‘Queen of the Hebrides’, for geese, Chough and possibly the odd dram!!

  • Speyside specialities – Capercaillie, Crested Tit, Scottish Crossbill and more
  • Wintering seaduck, divers, grebes and white-winged gulls
  • West Coast day for White-tailed Eagle, Black-throated Diver and more
  • An evening at our hide for Pine Marten and Badger
  • Huge flocks of Barnacle and White-fronted Geese with chance of rarities
  • Otter, Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier and Ptarmigan in white winter plumage
  • An excellent loch-shore hotel on Islay with great food

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Outer Hebrides

04 May – 12 May 2018
£1, 995 pp based on two sharing (£200 single supp)

“A slower pace of life, relaxed and friendly people, a sense of freedom and an escape from the 21st century without travelling out of the UK – thats the Outer Hebrides. It’s a privilege to have islands like these in Britain.” Simon Pawsey, guide

Corncrakes rasp from fields and Snipe drum overhead, in a watery landscape that the modern world has passed by, on these timeless low-lying islands at Britain’s Atlantic edge.

  • Successful Corncrake watching every time, on over 40 trips!
  • Nesting waders in farmland that’s vanished elsewhere
  • Mile after mile of unspoilt white beaches and azure seas
  • Wonderful for raptors, rare skuas and Short-eared Owl
  • Summer plumage Great Northern and other divers
  • White-tailed Eagle, Dotterel, Pomarine Skua and Otter
  • With our own two expert guides to the Western Isles

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Hebridean Odyssey

1-13 Jun 2018
£2,745pp based on two sharing (£350 single supp)

“It feels like we’re leaving the UK behind to visit distant islands. The pace of life is slow and relaxed and the people are warm and friendly. Then there’s the landscape and the wildlife, which is quite simply breathtaking in its beauty and its scope. This promises to be a great adventure.” Simon Pawsey, guide

A journey through magical isles on the edge of the Atlantic. A diverse landscape of vast white beaches, rugged mountains, fertile machair and huge seascapes.

  • Raptor watching with both eagles, Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Merlin and Peregrine
  • Summer-plumaged divers, including Red-throated and Great Northern
  • Unspoilt and deserted white sand beaches with shallow crystal clear waters
  • Unique machair habitat in bloom, full of nesting waders and birds
  • Excellent chance of Corncrake amidst lush vegetation
  • Otters plus the chance of cetaceans and Basking Shark
  • World famous Callanish Standing Stones and ancient Dun Carloway Broch

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Mull and Speyside Summer

12-22 Jun 2018
£1,895pp based on two people sharing (£200 single supp)

“I visited Mull for the first time since childhood recently and it still retains its magic, even in the rain!! Stunning scenery on a magnificent scale, there’s never a dull moment, Mull just keeps on delivering spectacular wildlife.” Sally Nowell, guide

Mull in summer plus Speyside – Britain’s very best and, we think, striking wildlife, including eagles, Otters and a boat trip for “up close and personal” views of Puffins and seabirds.

  • Amazing opportunities to see White-tailed and Golden Eagle in spectacular habitat
  • Otter spotting wherever we go
  • Short-eared Owl, Hen Harrier and divers
  • A trip to Iona with chance to hear and who knows even see the elusive Corncrake
  • Treshnish boat trip for close-up Puffins and loads more
  • Scarce mountain birds in the Cairngorms
  • An evening in our ‘dusk watch’ hide for Pine Marten and Badger

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24 Jun – 1 Jul 2018
£2,135pp based on two sharing (£250 single supp)

“Midsummer on Shetland is a magical time, when the sun barely seems to set. Last year as we landed around midnight on Mousa and looked west, we were treated to a breathtaking sunset with the sky seemingly on fire, as all around Storm Petrels flicked low over the sea and began to swirl like bats around the walls of the ancient broch.” Craig Round, guide

Just 6° south of the Arctic Circle – far northern isles and world-class wildlife, huge seabird colonies and delightful Red-necked Phalaropes, at the Simmer Dim.

  • Islands at the ‘Simmer Dim’ when the sun barely sets
  • Easy flight to Shetland rather than the 14-hour ferry
  • Mousa’s Storm Petrels, Fetlar’s Red-necked Phalaropes
  • The spectacular seabird cities of Noss, Hermaness and Sumburgh
  • Otters and offshore whales and dolphins
  • Regular rarities and summering scarce breeders
  • Closer to Norway than to mainland Scotland

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Fair Isle Autumn

1-8 Sep 2018
£1,755 pp based on two sharing (£50 single supp)

“Some of last autumn’s bird highlights included Icterine and Barred Warblers, Ortolan Bunting, flocks of mobile Lapland Buntings roaming the island, including an incredible flock of 18 swirling overhead, as well as finding a well hidden Wryneck, poking its head out of a hole in one of the islands dry stone walls! Who knows what we’ll find this year, I cant wait!” Craig Round, guide

A special welcome to the migration stepping stone, with plenty of common migrants and a good chance of something really rare turning up – an addictive island!

  • A dot in the seas between Orkney and Shetland
  • Plenty of pleasant walks amidst cliffs and crofting land
  • The last of the season’s lingering seabirds and skuas
  • Famous for bird migration and rarities in easterly winds
  • Traditional knitwear, local music, crafts and boat building
  • All based at the comfortable Bird Observatory
  • Fantastic scenery and possibly the Northern Lights

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Raptors of the Highlands

1-8 Sep 2018
£1,545pp based on two people sharing (£150 single supp)

“I saw my first Golden Eagle when I was eight years old in Strathdearn and I can still picture it now. Taking our guests to Strathdearn and watching eagles over the same hill is a real pleasure and it’s a great experience to share these magnificent birds with others.” Simon Pawsey, Guide

The Cairngorms National Park and the Isle of Skye provide fabulous opportunities to see iconic raptors against a backdrop of mountains, moorland and ancient forest.

  • Golden and White-tailed Eagles in stunning mountain and island locations
  • A boat trip to see White-tailed Eagles up close
  • Secretive Goshawks in ancient Caledonian Pine Forests
  • Ospreys breeding on our doorstep and fishing in local lochs
  • Hen Harriers and Short-eared Owls quartering open moorlands
  • Peregrine and Merlin hunting and dashing after their prey
  • Evening trips to look for Long-eared, Tawny and Barn Owls

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2-9 Sep 2018
£1,875 pp based on two sharing (£450 single supp)

“The peace and tranquillity is infectious. The slow island pace means that as soon as you land on Orkney you can feel yourself relax. The depth of history emanating from the archaeology, coupled with the wide seascapes, leaves you feeling refreshed and revived.” Jack Ward, guide

Enjoy the magic of Orkney – autumn bird migration, coupled with world class archaeological sites, on a holiday dedicated to both, on this delightful island archipelago.

  • Autumn migration on Orkney – you never know what might turn up!
  • Short-eared Owl, Hen Harrier, Red-throated Divers and skuas
  • Visit to Rousay, one of the many islands
  • Tomb of the Eagles, via Churchill Barriers
  • Maeshowe, Ring of Brodgar, Stones of Stenness
  • The Loons RSPB Reserve
  • Visit to ancient settlement of Skara Brae

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