25 Highlights from our 25th Anniversary Year! Part Two

25 Highlights from our 25th Anniversary Year! Part Two
Humpback Whale, Nova Scotia by Darren Rees

Our round up of 2016 continues!

9. Our visit to the Pyrenees with Duncan Macdonald and James Shooter in May produced sightings of 117 birds, including Scop’s Owl, Red Kite, Citril Finch, Crossbill, Crested Tit, Serin and Egyptian Vulture.

Red Kite Pyrenees James Shooter

Red Kite, Pyrenees by James Shooter



Citril Finch, Pyrenees by James Shooter


10. A perennial favourite, our holidays in Nova Scotia never fail to delight our guests with the array of birds, mammals, butterflies and plants; this year, the highlights of the trip led by Darren Rees and Simon Eaves included Humpback Whale (see featured photo at the top), Right Whale, Ovenbird and hosts of Phalaropes and Shearwaters.

phalaropes and shearwaters NS Darren

Phalaropes and Shearwaters, Nova Scotia by Darren Rees


11. Fair Isle is a magical place and our holiday this year, led by Craig Round, resulted in sightings of 82 stunning birds, with Fair Isle Wren, Wryneck, Barred Warbler, Great Skua and Common Snipe all receiving votes for the species of the trip.


Fair Isle Wren by Cath Wright


12. We had two holidays in Romania, one led by Duncan and Bence Kokay, and the other by Julian Sykes and Attila Steiner. The species of the trip for both weeks was Euopean Brown Bear; other highlights included Pallas’s Gull, White-tailed Eagle and Pelican.

Roma_Brown Bear Romania R Atkins

European Brown Bear, Romania by Roy Atkins

Romania_White-tailed Eagle JSykes

White-tailed Eagle, Romania by Julian Sykes


13. In July, our holiday in the Farne Islands, led by Julian Sykes, resulted in sightings of 139 species, with Temminck’s Stint, Bonaparte’s Gull and Grasshopper Warbler receiving the most votes for the species of the trip; Julian’s favourite was Roseate Tern.

s Stint with Eurasian Teal_JSykes

Temminck’s Stint with Eurasian Teal, Farne Islands by Julian Sykes


14. One of our new trips this year was to Kamchatka, where Julian and the guests’ many highlights included Siberian Rubythroat, Steller’s Sea Eagle, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Northern Wheatear, Rock Sandpiper, Short-tailed Albatross, Brown Bear and Walrus. Magic moments for guests included the river cruise along the Zhupanova River and seeing the Russian ‘Ring of Fire’.


Siberain Rubythroat, Kamchatka by Julian Sykes

s Sea Eagle_J Sykes

Stellar’s Sea Eagles, Kamchatka by Julian Sykes


15. Our annual Autumn Wildlife holiday included exploration of Speyside glens and forests, a trip to the west coast, Udale Bay and Lossiemouth for waders and a memorable visit to Findhorn Bay where guests were enchanted by the huge numbers of young Gannets practising their diving skills.

Curlew Eurasion Teal John Osborne Autumn

Curlew Eurasion and Teal, Autumn Wildlife by John Osborne

Gannet John Osborne Autumn Wildlife

Gannet diving, Autumn Wildlife by John Osborne

Roe Deer John Osborne Autumn Wildlife

Roe Deer, Autumn Wildlife by John Osborne


16. Simon Eaves and Darren Rees led this year’s holiday to New York City where, amongst the multitude of warblers seen, our guests’ favourites were Chuck-will’s-widow, Magnolia Warbler, Canada Warbler, Cape May Warbler, Bull Frog Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler and Worm-eating Warbler.

NY_Canada Warbler_Simon Eaves

Canada Warbler, New York City by Simon Eaves

Chuck -wills Widow S_Eaves

Chuck-will’s-widow, New York City by Simon Eaves


Part Three to follow ….