The Scottish Highlands

Iconic birds and mammals of the forests, mountains, moorlands and coasts

Islay and Speyside

28 Mar – 7 Apr 2018
£1,795 pp based on two sharing (£200 single supp in ensuite rooms)

“Islay is the jewel of the Hebrides and at this time of year is alive to the sound of geese. Standing on the shore watching thousands of Barnacle Geese coming overhead is simply magical. Islay is also rightly famous for its whisky. What a winning combination!” Duncan Macdonald, guide

The ultimate winter wildlife combination – the best of Speyside, plus the ‘Queen of the Hebrides’, for geese, Chough and possibly the odd dram!!

  • Speyside specialities – Capercaillie, Crested Tit, Scottish Crossbill and more
  • Wintering seaduck, divers, grebes and white-winged gulls
  • West Coast day for White-tailed Eagle, Black-throated Diver and more
  • An evening at our hide for Pine Marten and Badger
  • Huge flocks of Barnacle and White-fronted Geese with chance of rarities
  • Otter, Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier and Ptarmigan in white winter plumage
  • An excellent loch-shore hotel on Islay with great food

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Speyside 24/7 – 24 wonderful birds and 7 fantastic mammals

28 Apr – 05 May 2018
£1,125 pp based on two sharing (£100 single supp in ensuite rooms)

“A Slavonian Grebe comes out of the reeds followed by another. The sun is shining and we are looking at one of the most colourful birds of the week. I just can’t get enough of them.” John Grierson, guide

Twenty four of the best birds, seven of the best mammals – all in one action-packed week – around the mountains and forests of Speyside, plus the West Coast of Scotland.

  • Kick off your wildlife quest for 2018 in style with the Highland specialities
  • See 7 – and more – of the most sought-after Scottish mammals
  • A spotlight night drive and dusk hide visits for elusive species
  • 24 premier birds that can take years to catch up with in any other place
  • Displaying eagles, Capercaillie and Black Grouse in forest, mountain and moor
  • On the Moray Firth and Black Isle coast – divers, seaduck, terns and dolphins
  • Includes a West Coast trip for White-tailed Eagle

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Spring Birds

05 May – 12 May 2018; 19 May – 26 May 2018; 26 May – 02 Jun 2018
£ 1,150 pp based on two sharing (£100 single supp in ensuite rooms)

“A real highlight of a spring birds week is our day trip over to the incredible seabird island of Handa. Here thousands of seabirds cram the ledges of the great stack, whilst Great and Arctic Skuas patrol overhead, against a backdrop of seemingly endless mountains and the azure sea below. It really does take your breath away!” Craig Round, guide

Our classic signature week, perfected over 25 years, with all Speyside’s special birds at their most active, including Capercaillie and Black Grouse – and time for great mammals too.

  • Bird specialities of the ancient Pine Forest of the Highlands of Scotland
  • A west coast trip to fabulous Handa Island in north-west Sutherland
  • The Moray Firth, alive with seaduck, terns and migrants
  • Divers and grebes in spectacular breeding plumage
  • A day for mountain birds in the high tops of the Cairngorms
  • An evening for Pine Martens and Badgers too, at our baited hide
  • Come by train or plane and enjoy the wonders of the Cairngorms National Park

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North Coast 500

18-27 May 2018
£1,995 pp based on two sharing (£250 single supp in ensuite rooms)

“Our first NC500 trip was a great success. The wildlife was superb, but it was the vast landscapes and incredible scenery that stayed with me. To see some of the best scenery in the world, day after day in one road trip, was brilliant and really made me appreciate what we have right here in the Highlands” Simon Pawsey, guide

The NC500 encapsulates everything that is special about the wild Highlands in one superb road trip, as it follows a spectacular coastal route.

  • Breathtaking scenery with vast mountainous views, on the most scenic roads
  • Huge seascapes from wild headlands, with good chances of Otters and cetaceans
  • Thriving seabird and skua colonies on Handa Island and Dunnet Head
  • Excellent habitat for raptors including Golden and White-tailed Eagles
  • Pristine and deserted white sand beaches
  • The highest mountain pass in the UK, with a good chance of Ptarmigan at the top
  • All three divers in summer plumage

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Mull and Speyside Summer

12-22 Jun 2018
£1,895pp based on two people sharing (£200 single supp)

“I visited Mull for the first time since childhood recently and it still retains its magic, even in the rain!! Stunning scenery on a magnificent scale, there’s never a dull moment, Mull just keeps on delivering spectacular wildlife.” Sally Nowell, guide

Mull in summer plus Speyside – Britain’s very best and, we think, striking wildlife, including eagles, Otters and a boat trip for “up close and personal” views of Puffins and seabirds.

  • Amazing opportunities to see White-tailed and Golden Eagle in spectacular habitat
  • Otter spotting wherever we go
  • Short-eared Owl, Hen Harrier and divers
  • A trip to Iona with chance to hear and who knows even see the elusive Corncrake
  • Treshnish boat trip for close-up Puffins and loads more
  • Scarce mountain birds in the Cairngorms
  • An evening in our ‘dusk watch’ hide for Pine Marten and Badger

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Summer Wildlife Bonanza

30 June – 7 July 2018
£1,125 pp based on two sharing (£100 single supp for ensuite rooms)

“The list of species we see on this holiday is breathtaking and any general naturalist into all sorts of wildlife cannot fail to be astonished by the variety of wildlife that is special to the Highlands – from the delicate Northern Damselfly, through rare orchids, up to mighty eagles – there is just so much to see.” Duncan Macdonald, guide

The special northern dragonflies, butterflies and wild flowers are our focus, with the chance of some Highland birds and mammals too, on our much requested Highland Full Monty!

  • Special and scarce, Highland butterflies and dragonflies
  • Walk in Glen Affric to beautiful, dragonfly rich, Coire Loch
  • A dozen species of orchid likely, including Small White and Lesser Twayblade
  • Relaxed Cairngorm walk for alpine flowers as well as Frog Orchid
  • A great list of Scottish birds and mammals too
  • Based at our fabulous Steading with our outstanding chefs
  • The perfect holiday for the ‘all-round’ naturalist

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Birds, Botany and Botanicals

7-14 Jul 2018
£1,175 pp based on two sharing (£100 single supp in ensuite rooms)

“Orchids, wintergreens, creeping ladies tresses, stunning jewels from the forest floor that we shall hope to discover whilst exploring the forests, woodland canopy and Highland skies for birds and mammals of Scotland. I am so excited about this holiday!” Sally Nowell, guide

This holiday combines all aspects of Highland flora and fauna, with a fascinating glimpse into the world of Highland craft gins.

  • Private visits to craft gin distilleries in the Highlands
  • Walk the mountains and moors for the unique flora that infuse the drink
  • Ten species of orchid possible, including Small White and Lesser Twayblade
  • Cairngorm walk for alpine flowers as well as Frog Orchid
  • Twinflower, wintergreens and other special Highland flowers
  • Based at our fabulous Steading with a chance to savour our local gin!
  • Throughout the week, a great list of Scottish birds and mammals too

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Summer Mammals

4-11 Aug 2018
£1,265 pp based on two sharing (£100 single supp for ensuite rooms)

“With Pine Marten and Badger, Red and Roe Deer, Brown and Mountain Hare, cetaceans and seals off the coasts, as well as Otters and a variety of birds and other wildlife, it’s easy to see why this trip is so popular.” Duncan Macdonald, guide

The first holiday of its kind and you tell us, still the best – with a night drive and boat trips. We focus on mammals, but won’t leave out the birds and other special wildlife of the Scottish Highlands.

  • A superb selection of Scottish wildlife
  • Exclusive use of our evening wildlife watching hide
  • An inshore boat trip for Bottlenose Dolphins
  • A spotlighting night drive on a private Estate
  • A West Coast boat trip for Minke Whale and more
  • Skuas, divers, shearwaters and seals
  • Eagles, Ospreys and good chance of Otter

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Raptors of the Highlands

1-8 Sep 2018
£1,545pp based on two people sharing (£150 single supp)

“I saw my first Golden Eagle when I was eight years old in Strathdearn and I can still picture it now. Taking our guests to Strathdearn and watching eagles over the same hill is a real pleasure and it’s a great experience to share these magnificent birds with others.” Simon Pawsey, Guide

The Cairngorms National Park and the Isle of Skye provide fabulous opportunities to see iconic raptors against a backdrop of mountains, moorland and ancient forest.

  • Golden and White-tailed Eagles in stunning mountain and island locations
  • A boat trip to see White-tailed Eagles up close
  • Secretive Goshawks in ancient Caledonian Pine Forests
  • Ospreys breeding on our doorstep and fishing in local lochs
  • Hen Harriers and Short-eared Owls quartering open moorlands
  • Peregrine and Merlin hunting and dashing after their prey
  • Evening trips to look for Long-eared, Tawny and Barn Owls

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Autumn Wildlife

6-13 Oct 2018; 13-20 Oct 2018
£1125 pp based on two sharing (£100 single supplement)

“Autumn in the Highlands is a special time. The glens are resounding to the roaring of stags, while Golden Eagles soar above. Mountain Hares may be starting to turn white and Ptarmigan are beginning to group together. Stunning.” Duncan Macdonald, guide

The season of golden colours, roaring stags, hunting eagles, seaduck and rarities – this is a wonderful time to be in glorious Speyside, within the Cairngorms National Park.

  • Capercaillie, Black Grouse and Speyside specialities
  • Includes a West Coast ‘White-tailed Eagle’ trip
  • Seaduck, geese and thrushes arriving from the north
  • Regular rare skuas, ducks and white-winged gulls
  • Young Golden Eagles above roaring Red Deer stags
  • Ptarmigan parties in the Cairngorms
  • An evening for Pine Marten, Badger and more

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